Chidester, Marci

Office Location:

ASTE 103 Tuesday/Thurdsay

AGRS 417 Monday/Wednesday

(435) 797-8434

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  • Agricultural Communication and Journalism
  • Agricultural Education
  • Agricultural Machinery Technology


  • Agricultural Systems Technology
  • Agricultural Systems Technology and Agribusiness (Composite)

Cancellation Policy:  Students should cancel their appointments in a timely manner, online, through this scheduling system.

Please Read! To ensure your visit is meaningful, please carefully review the list of majors below.

Available Appointment Dates :
  Appointment Time Location Subject Allowed Reserved
03/27/17 Mon 10:00AM - 10:30AM *****Mon & Wed-AGRS 417/Tue & Thur ASTE 101F****** 1 0

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